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<title>Working with DTDs</title>
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<h1 class="topictitle1">Working with DTDs</h1>
<div><p>This sections contains information on the following:</p>
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<li class="ulchildlink"><strong><a href="../topics/tcretdtd.html">Creating DTDs</a></strong><br />
A document type definition (DTD) contains a set of rules that can be used to validate an XML file. After you have created a DTD, you can edit it manually, adding declarations that define elements, attributes, entities, and notations, and how they can be used for any XML files that reference the DTD file.</li>
<li class="ulchildlink"><strong><a href="../topics/timptdtd.html">Importing DTDs</a></strong><br />
If you want to work with DTD files that you created outside of the product, you can import them into the workbench and open them in the DTD editor.</li>
<li class="ulchildlink"><strong><a href="../topics/tvaldtd.html">Validating DTDs</a></strong><br />
Validating a DTD file lets you verify that it is well formed and does not contain any errors.</li>
<li class="ulchildlink"><strong><a href="../topics/rdtdicons.html">Icons used in the DTD editor</a></strong><br />
These DTD editor icons appear in the Outline view.</li>
<li class="ulchildlink"><strong><a href="../topics/rdtdkey.html">DTD editor keyboard shortcuts</a></strong><br />