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<title>Creating XML schemas</title>
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<h1 class="topictitle1">Creating XML schemas</h1>
<div><p>You can create an XML schema and then edit it using the XML schema
editor. Using the XML schema editor, you can specify element names that indicates
which elements are allowed in an XML file, and in which combinations.</p><div class="skipspace">To create an XML schema, follow these steps:</div>
<ol><li class="skipspace"><span>Create a project to contain the XML schema.</span> </li>
<li class="skipspace"><span>In the workbench, select<b> <span class="menucascade"><span class="uicontrol">File &gt; New &gt;
Other &gt; XML &gt; XML Schema</span></span></b>. Click <b> <span class="uicontrol">Next</span></b>.</span> </li>
<li class="skipspace"><span>Select the project or folder that will contain the XML schema.
In the </span> <b> <span class="uicontrol">File name</span></b> field, type the name of
the XML schema, for example <kbd class="userinput">MyXMLSchema.xsd</kbd>. The name
of your XML schema must end in <tt class="sysout">.xsd</tt></li>
<li class="skipspace"><span>Click <b> <span class="uicontrol">Finish</span></b>.</span></li>
<div class="skipspace">The XML schema opens in the XML schema editor. </div>
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