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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?eclipse version="3.0"?>
<!-- deprecated -->
<extension-point id="adaptOnCreateFactory" name="" schema="schema/adaptOnCreateFactory.exsd"/>
<!-- not for use by clients (internal)-->
<extension-point id="documentTypes" name="" schema="schema/documentTypes.exsd"/>
<!-- not for use by clients (internal)-->
<extension-point id="embeddedTypeHandler" name="" schema="schema/embeddedTypeHandler.exsd"/>
<!-- deprecated -->
<extension-point id="contentTypeFactoryContribution" name="" schema="schema/contentTypeFactoryContribution.exsd"/>
<!-- I commented out ... clients should just use the normal platform way of registering these
adapterFactories. At worst, they'd need a small plugin with 'startup' specified ... but that's
better than us getting hit with the performance impact (of loading plugins and pre-reqs, etc.).
<extension-point id="uriResolverAdapterFactory" name="Resource Adapter Factory for Creating URIResolvers"/>
<!-- not for use by clients (internal)-->
<extension-point id="cssprofile" name="" schema="schema/cssprofile.exsd"/>
<!-- not for use by clients (internal)-->
<extension-point id="commentElementHandler" name="" schema="schema/commentElementHandler.exsd"/>
<!-- not for use by clients (internal)-->
<extension-point id="modelHandler" name="" schema="schema/modelHandler.exsd"/>
<!-- not for use by clients (internal)-->
schema="schema/formatProcessors.exsd" />
<!-- not for use by clients (internal)-->
<extension-point id="taskscanner" name="" schema="schema/taskscanner.exsd"/>
<!-- Make sure default preference values are set at runtime -->
<extension point="org.eclipse.core.runtime.preferences">
class="org.eclipse.wst.sse.core.internal.preferences.PreferenceInitializer" />