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<!-- /*******************************************************************************
* Copyright (c) 2000, 2005 IBM Corporation and others.
* All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
* are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
* which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
* Contributors:
* IBM Corporation - initial API and implementation
*******************************************************************************/ -->
<toc label="Developing XML files" topic="topics/cworkXML.html">
<topic label="Working with XML files" href="topics/cworkXML.html">
<topic label="Creating XML files" href="topics/ccreatxm.html">
<topic label="Creating empty XML files" href="topics/tcretxml.html"/>
<topic label="Generating XML files from a DTDs" href="topics/tcrexdtd.html"/>
<topic label="Generating XML files from XML schemas" href="topics/tcrexxsd.html"/>
<topic label="Editing XML files" href="topics/txedttag.html">
<topic label="XML editor" href="topics/cwxmledt.html">
<topic label="Defining XML editor preferences" href="topics/txprefs.html">
<topic label="Setting source highlighting styles" href="topics/ttaghilt.html"/>
<topic label="Specifying XML default encoding line delimiters" href="topics/tedtenc.html">
<topic label="XML and HTML encodings" href="topics/cxmlenc.html"/>
<topic label="Editing in the Design view" href="topics/txedtdes.html">
<topic label="Editing DOCTYPE declarations" href="topics/tedtdoc.html"/>
<topic label="Editing namespace information" href="topics/tedtsch.html"/>
<topic label="Editing XML processing instructions" href="topics/tedtproc.html"/>
<topic label="Editing in the Source view" href="topics/txedtsrc.html">
<topic label="Using XML content assist" href="topics/twcdast.html"/>
<topic label="Working with XML templates" href="topics/twmacro.html"/>
<topic label="Editing with DTD or XML schema constraints" href="topics/tedtcnst.html"/>
<topic label="Using xsi:type" href="topics/txsityp.html"/>
<topic label="Editing XML documents with multiple namespaces" href="topics/rextctn.html"/>
<topic label="Validating XML files" href="topics/twxvalid.html"/>
<topic label="XML file associations with DTDs and XML schemas" href="topics/cxmlcat.html">
<topic label="Adding entries to the XML Catalog" href="topics/txmlcat.html"/>
<topic label="Updating XML files with changes made to DTDs and schemas" href="topics/tedtgram.html"/>
<topic label="Icons used in the XML editor" href="topics/rxmlbicons.html"/>