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<title>Structured text editors for markup languages</title>
<navtitle>Structured text editors</navtitle>
<shortdesc><q>Structured text editor</q> is any of several text editors
that you can use to edit various markup languages such as HTML, JavaScript,
or XML.</shortdesc>
<keywords><keyword>source editors</keyword></keywords>
<p><indexterm>structured text editors<indexterm>overview</indexterm></indexterm> <indexterm>templates<indexterm>structured
text editors</indexterm></indexterm> The structured text editor is
represented by various editors that you can use to edit files coded
with markup tags:</p>
<tgroup cols="3"><colspec colname="col1" colwidth="89*"/><colspec
colname="col2" colwidth="134*"/><colspec colname="COLSPEC0"
<entry colname="col1" valign="top">File type</entry>
<entry colname="col2" valign="top">Editor</entry>
<entry colname="COLSPEC0" valign="top">Content assist?</entry>
<entry colname="col1">Cascading style sheet</entry>
<entry colname="col2">CSS source page editor</entry>
<entry colname="COLSPEC0">Yes</entry>
<entry colname="col1">Document type definitions</entry>
<entry colname="col2">DTD source page editor</entry>
<entry colname="COLSPEC0">No</entry>
<entry colname="col1">HTML</entry>
<entry colname="col2">HTML source page editor</entry>
<entry colname="COLSPEC0">Yes</entry>
<entry colname="col1"><tm tmclass="special"
tmowner="Sun Microsystems, Inc." tmtype="tm" trademark="JavaScript">JavaScript</tm></entry>
<entry colname="col2"><tm tmclass="special"
tmowner="Sun Microsystems, Inc." tmtype="tm" trademark="JavaScript">JavaScript</tm> source
page editor or source tab of JavaScript editor</entry>
<entry colname="COLSPEC0">Yes</entry>
<entry colname="col1">JSP</entry>
<entry colname="col2">JSP source page editor</entry>
<entry colname="COLSPEC0">Yes</entry>
<entry colname="col1">XML</entry>
<entry colname="col2">Source tab of XML editor</entry>
<entry colname="COLSPEC0">Yes</entry>
<entry colname="col1">XSD (schema)</entry>
<entry colname="col2">Source tab of XML schema editor</entry>
<entry colname="COLSPEC0">Yes</entry>
<p>You can access the structured text editor by right-clicking on
a relevant file name in Navigator or Package Explorer view and then
clicking <uicontrol>Open With</uicontrol> and selecting the editor
mentioned above.</p>
<p>The structured text editor provides a consistent interface regardless
of the markup language with which it is associated. It provides capabilities
such as find and replace, undo, redo, a spelling checker, and coding
assistance (unless otherwise noted). It also highlights syntax in
different colors. Following is a brief description of some of the
structured text editor's capabilities:</p>
<dt>syntax highlighting</dt>
<dd>Each keyword type and syntax type is highlighted differently,
enabling you to easily find a certain kind of keyword for editing.
For example, in HTML, element names, attribute names, attribute values,
and comments have different colors; in <tm tmclass="special"
tmowner="Sun Microsystems, Inc." tmtype="tm" trademark="JavaScript">JavaScript</tm>,
function and variable names, quoted text strings, and comments have
different colors.</dd>
<dt>unlimited undo and redo</dt>
<dd>These options allow you to incrementally undo and redo every change
made to a file for the entire editing session. For text, changes are
incremented one character or set of selected characters at a time.</dd>
<dt>content assist</dt>
<dd>Content assist helps you to insert <tm tmclass="special"
tmowner="Sun Microsystems, Inc." tmtype="tm" trademark="JavaScript">JavaScript</tm> functions,
HTML tags, or other keywords. Choices available in the content assist
list are based on functions defined by the syntax of the language
in which the file is coded.</dd>
<dt>user-defined templates and snippets</dt>
<dd>By using the Snippets view, you can access user-defined code snippets
and (for all code types except <tm tmclass="special"
tmowner="Sun Microsystems, Inc." tmtype="tm" trademark="JavaScript">JavaScript</tm>)
templates to help you quickly add regularly used text strings.</dd>
<dt>function selection</dt>
<dd>Based on the location of your cursor, the function or tag selection
indicator highlights the line numbers that include a function or tag
in the vertical ruler on the left area of the Source page.</dd>
<dt>pop-up menu options</dt>
<dd>These are the same editing options available in the workbench <uicontrol>Edit</uicontrol> menu.</dd>
<dt>code folding</dt>
<dd>Code folding allows collapsing and expanding of text and can be
accessed by the <uicontrol>Folding</uicontrol> option in the pop-up
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