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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- ======================================================================
ANT script to build org.eclispe.ohf.stem.geography.earthscience project
This must be run after installing the STEM workspace and after changes
to code generated by EMF models.
====================================================================== -->
<project name="STEM Internal Earth Science Data" default="update_all">
Use the properties files to populate the plugin
<!-- P r o j e c t S p e c i f i c a t i o n s -->
<!-- The name of the project -->
<property name="" value="stem" />
<!-- Are we running headless? -->
<condition property="runningHeadless">
<isset property="buildDirectory" />
<!-- The buildDirectory property is set in a headless build -->
<condition property="pluginRootDirectory" value="${buildDirectory}/plugins" else="..">
<isset property="runningHeadless" />
<!-- The baseLocation property is the location of the eclipse home installation -->
<!-- It is used to find eclipse plugins -->
<!-- It is set in a headless build, but not one started manually from Eclipse -->
<condition property="baseLocation" value="${eclipse.pdebuild.home}../..">
<isset property="runningHeadless" />
<!-- This is the location of the class files of the built plug-ins -->
<!-- If this is a manual build started from Eclipse then the directory -->
<!-- is "bin", if its a headless build then the directory is "@dot" -->
<!-- The property baseLocation is set in a headless build -->
<condition property="targetBin" value="@dot" else="bin">
<isset property="runningHeadless" />
<!-- The prefix for fully qualified names -->
<property name="ID_ROOT" value="org.eclipse.stem" />
<!-- The class path to use -->
<path id="classpath.runtime">
<pathelement location="${pluginRootDirectory}/${ID_ROOT}${targetBin}" />
<target name="update_all" depends="create_data_update_xml, run_data_update_xml" />
<!-- Create updateEarthscienceData.xml -->
<target name="create_data_update_xml">
<java classname="${ID_ROOT}" fork="true">
<classpath refid="classpath.runtime" />
<!-- run updateEarthscienceData.xml -->
<target name="run_data_update_xml">
<ant dir="${pluginRootDirectory}/${ID_ROOT}" antfile="update.xml"/>
<ant dir="${pluginRootDirectory}/${ID_ROOT}" antfile="updateEarthscienceData.xml"/>