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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project default="javadoc">
Generate JavaDoc for the STEM projects
The output will go to:
This generates thousands of wrning messages but
there appears to be no easy way to avoid this.
<!-- P r o j e c t S p e c i f i c a t i o n s -->
<!-- The prefix for fully qualified names -->
<property name="ID_ROOT" value="org.eclipse.stem" />
The source file to generate JavaDoc for
<path id="sourcepath">
<pathelement location="../${ID_ROOT}.core/src" />
<pathelement location="../${ID_ROOT}.definitions/src" />
<pathelement location="../${ID_ROOT}.tests.util/src" />
<pathelement location="../${ID_ROOT}.diseasemodels/src" />
<pathelement location="../${ID_ROOT}.diseases/src" />
<pathelement location="../${ID_ROOT}.geography/src" />
<pathelement location="../${ID_ROOT}" />
<pathelement location="../${ID_ROOT}.jobs/src" />
<pathelement location="../${ID_ROOT}.sequencers/src" />
<pathelement location="../${ID_ROOT}.ui/src" />
<pathelement location="../${ID_ROOT}.ui.diseasemodels/src" />
<pathelement location="../${ID_ROOT}" />
<target name="javadoc">
<javadoc access="public" author="false"
destdir="javadoc" doctitle="STEM Javadoc" nodeprecated="false" nodeprecatedlist="false" noindex="false" nonavbar="false" notree="false"
source="1.5" splitindex="true" use="true" version="false"
* Build the zip file
<target name="zip"
description="creates the zip file">
<zipfileset dir="javadoc" prefix="javadoc"/>