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<title>Start STEM - GoogleEarth Display</title>
<h2><center>STEM - GoogleEarth Display</center></h2>
This will cause a request to be sent to GoogleEarth to read
the next KML file from the specified folder once
every N seconds. If no more KML files exist, it will either
wait or start over from the beginning.
<form method=POST action="/STEM/start">
KML Folder:
<input type=text name=folder value="/tmp/ge"
size=30 maxlength=40 > <br>
Wait for new files:
<input type=text name=wait value="y" size=1 maxlength=1>
Wait interval (seconds):
<input type=text name=interval value="2" size=1 maxlength=2>
<input type=submit value="Start" >
<p>Specify the folder that contains the KML files generated
by STEM. The folder must be accessable from the Web server.
You must have previously installed GoogleEarth on your Windows XP system.
<a href=""></a>