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  1. 76186b7  Support contextMenu() on table and tree column headers by Patrick Tasse - 12 days ago master
  2. 127fc7e  Bug 458975: Fix ContextMenuFinder returns disposed menu items by Patrick Tasse - 2 weeks ago
  3. 1a8a2c7  Up to 2.3.1 by Mickael Istria - 14 days ago
  4. 098d950  Fixed a few API baseline problems by Lorenzo Bettini - 3 weeks ago 2.3.0
  5. 1dee350  Bug 451126: Fix click() behavior on SWTBotMenu radio menu item by Patrick Tasse - 5 weeks ago


SWTBot is a Java API that interacts with SWT by using high-level operations. It is generally use to write UI tests efficiently since the grain of the API is the same grain as UI operation. It makes easier to transform a user scenario to an automated tests.

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GitHub tracker and pull requests are currently not supported by the contribution process.

Please read to know how to interact well with the community. For further questions about contributing to SWTBot, please send a mail to .