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* Copyright (c) 2000-2019 Ericsson AB
* All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
* are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v2.0
* which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
* Contributors:
* Gabor Szalai - initial implementation and initial documentation
// File: TS29503_Nudm_EE.ttcn
// Description: Type definitions for 3GPP TS29503
module TS29503_Nudm_EE {
import from TS29571_CommonData all
external function f_enc_EeSubscription(in EeSubscription pdu) return octetstring
with { extension "prototype(convert) encode(JSON)" }
external function f_dec_EeSubscription(in octetstring stream, out EeSubscription pdu) return integer
with { extension "prototype(backtrack) decode(JSON)" }
external function f_enc_CreatedEeSubscription(in CreatedEeSubscription pdu) return octetstring
with { extension "prototype(convert) encode(JSON)" }
external function f_dec_CreatedEeSubscription(in octetstring stream, out CreatedEeSubscription pdu) return integer
with { extension "prototype(backtrack) decode(JSON)" }
type set CreatedEeSubscription {
EeSubscription eeSubscription,
TS29571_CommonData.Uinteger numberOfUes optional,
set of MonitoringReport eventReports optional
type set EeSubscription {
TS29571_CommonData.Uri callbackReference,
set of record {
universal charstring key,
MonitoringConfiguration additionalProperties
} monitoringConfiguration,
ReportingOptions reportingOptions optional,
TS29571_CommonData.SupportedFeatures supportedFeatures optional
} with {
variant (monitoringConfiguration) "as map"
type set MonitoringConfiguration {
ReferenceId referenceId,
EventType eventType,
boolean immediateFlag optional
type set ReportingOptions {
MaxNumOfReports maxNumOfReports optional,
TS29571_CommonData.DateTime monitoringDuration optional
type set MonitoringReport {
ReferenceId referenceId optional,
EventType eventType,
Report report optional,
TS29571_CommonData.Gpsi gpsi optional,
TS29571_CommonData.DateTime timeStamp
type union Report {
ChangeOfSupiPeiAssociationReport changeOfSupiPeiAssociationReport,
RoamingStatusReport roamingStatusReport
} with {
variant "JSON: as value"
type set ChangeOfSupiPeiAssociationReport {
TS29571_CommonData.Pei newPei
type set RoamingStatusReport {
boolean roaming,
TS29571_CommonData.PlmnId newServingPlmn
type integer ReferenceId
type integer MaxNumOfReports
type union EventType {
EventType_enum enum_val,
charstring other_val
} with {
variant "JSON: as value"
} with {
encode "JSON"