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<chapter id="deploying">
<title>Deploying Applications</title>
<para>Currently the Tools support direct deployment of WTP Dynamic Web Projects, OSGi bundle and PAR projects to the from directly within Eclipse.
<para>To deploy an application to the just bring up the context menu on the configured runtime in the Servers view and choose "Add or Remove Projects...". In the dialog, select
the desired project and add it to the list of "Configured projects".
<imagedata fileref="images/tooling-deployed-application.png" format="PNG" />
<para> Deploying and undeploying an application from the certainly works while the is running, but you can also add or remove projects if the is not
running. </para>
<para>Once an application is deployed on the the tooling support will automatically pick up any
change to source files -- for example, Java and XML context files -- and refresh the deployed application on the
<para>The wait time between a change and the actual refresh can be configured in the configuration editor of the
runtime. To bring up that editor, double-click on the configured instance in the Servers view.