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:project-name: Virgo
:version: 3.7.0.RC01
:umbrella-project-name: Eclipse Virgo
:tomcat-product-name: Virgo for Apache Tomcat
:tomcat-product-name-short: VTS
:jetty-product-name: Virgo Jetty Server
:jetty-product-name-short: VJS
:kernel-product-name: Virgo Kernel
:kernel-product-name-short: VK
:nano-product-name: Virgo Nano
:nano-product-name-short: VN
:user-guide: link:../../virgo-user-guide/html/index.html[User Guide]
:tooling-guide: link:../../virgo-tooling-guide/html/index.html[Tooling Guide]
:gemini-blueprint-guide:[Eclipse Gemini Blueprint Reference Guide]
:spring-framework-version: 4.2.9.RELEASE
:imagesdir: assets/images
== Installing {nano-product-name}
=== Prerequisites
The {nano-product-name}, or {nano-product-name-short} for short, requires Java SE 6 or later to be installed. Java is available from[] and elsewhere.
=== Installing from the ZIP Download
==== Downloading the ZIP file
{nano-product-name} is distributed as a ZIP file. This can be downloaded from[here].
==== Installing
===== Linux
To install the {nano-product-name} on Linux, unzip the distribution package to the desired installation directory.
For example, to install into `/opt`:
$ unzip virgo-nano-{version}.zip -d /opt
This creates a directory called `virgo-nano-{version}` under `/opt`.
{nano-product-name} requires write access to the installation directory, in this case `/opt/virgo-nano-{version}`.
Typically this means it must be run as the user that installed it, or the installation directory's ownership must be changed.
===== Microsoft Windows
To install the {nano-product-name} on Windows, unzip the distribution package to the desired installation directory.
You should use a zip application such as 7zip, not the built-in folder decompression. Note that both Windows and
Java have some issues with long file names and file paths, so we recommend installing to the root directory of
your chosen drive.
=== Installing from an update site
==== The repository location
Virgo has a single p2 repository that contains all Virgo distributions. The repository for version {version} can be found {p2repo}[here].
There is a repository for each released version.
==== Using the p2 director
As shown in xref:using-director[] you can easily install {nano-product-name-short} in a desired destination.
The only director argument that needs to be adjusted is *-installIU*.
For {nano-product-name-short} the right value is *nano.product*.
=== Post-installation steps
Follow the same xref:installation-post[Post-installation steps] as for {tomcat-product-name}.