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:virgo-name: Virgo
:version: 3.7.0.RELEASE
:umbrella-virgo-name: Eclipse Virgo
:tomcat-product-name: Virgo for Apache Tomcat
:tomcat-product-name-short: VTS
:jetty-product-name: Virgo Jetty Server
:jetty-product-name-short: VJS
:kernel-product-name: Virgo Kernel
:kernel-product-name-short: VK
:nano-product-name: Virgo Nano
:nano-product-name-short: VN
:user-guide: link:../../virgo-user-guide/html/index.html[User Guide]
:tooling-guide: link:../../virgo-tooling-guide/html/index.html[Tooling Guide]
:gemini-blueprint-guide:[Eclipse Gemini Blueprint Reference Guide]
:spring-framework-version: 4.2.9.RELEASE
:imagesdir: assets/images
== Event log codes
=== Format of the event log codes
Event log codes issued by {virgo-name} have the general syntax
`<XXnnnnL>` where:
| `XX` | is a two-letter code (upper-case) identifying the area of the {virgo-name} code which issued the log message;
| `nnnn` | is a four-digit message number; and
| `L` | is a single-letter (upper-case) code identifying the level of the message.
The two-letter codes are (this list is not complete):
| `AG` | ``
| `DE` | `org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.deployer.core`
| `HD` | ``
| `HR` | `org.eclipse.virgo.apps.repository.core`
| `KE` | `org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.core`
| `KS` | ``
| `OF` | `org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.osgi`
| `RP` | `org.eclipse.virgo.repository`
| `TC` | `org.eclipse.virgo.web.tomcat`
| `UR` | `org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.userregion`
| `WE` | `org.eclipse.virgo.web.core`
The four-digit numbers identify the message text (with placeholders for inserted values). These are not listed here, but can be discovered by examining the files called
``, found in the relevant packages.
The single-digit level code is one of:
| `E` | Error level: enabled if level is `ERROR`.
| `W` | Warning level: enabled if level is `WARNING` or above.
| `I` | Info level: enabled if level is `INFO` or above.
| `D` | Debug level: enabled if level is `DEBUG` or above.
| `T` | Trace level: always enabled.
There are never two messages with the same prefix and number, but with different levels.