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Notes on Release process
Example: releasing a new version of greenpages
Code Release
1 Get stable code base in git (git co master/pull/fetch/submodule/etc)
2 Clean all extraneous files and directories
git clean -fdx
3 create a new branch (any name - eventually to tag at the release level)
git co -b release
4 modify the file on that branch
modify the properties:
version=2.1.0 (this may already be set to what you want to release)
add the property:
(latter over-rides the usual generated qualifier)
save/commit changes
5 build the stuff (cd build-greenpages)
ant clean package publish -propertyfile ~/rippling/
or ant clean test package publish -propertyfile ~/rippling/
(option is for publishing rights -- same as used by ripplor/releaselor)
This is where the code sees the light of day (publish).
6 Tag the git branch (locally)
git tag 2.1.0.RELEASE
7 Get back to master level
git co master
8 Update for subsequent builds at master (cd ..):
modify the property:
DO NOT ADD build.stamp
DO NOT MODIFY release.type (which is not release here)
save/commit changes
9 Push the changes (all branches)
git push origin
10 Push all tags:
git push origin --tags
Wiki/Community page download point
1 Goto wiki dmserver home page; and thence to Web Page Sources for the file:
This is the source for the external download page on (surprise).
It is downloaded from the wiki page by clicking on the link.
2 Edit this file (it is in markdown).
The section for samples can be located and the version numbers updated for the sample we are shipping:
(all else should be the same).
### 2.x Samples
* [GreenPages Sample Application 2.1.0][4.1] ([sha1][4.2])
* [Petclinic Sample Application 2.0.0][4.3] ([sha1][4.4])
* [Formtags Sample Application 2.0.0][4.5] ([sha1][4.6])
(We modified the text of the link and the version stamp on the two entries - zip and zip.sha1.)
3 Save the file, and replace the wiki file attachment.
4 Update the community page (convert to html in mate -- but DO NOT SAVE).
login to and SHOULD give update rights for the page.
Notes: Ben to arrange update rights on the page?