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Virgo Samples
This is a collection of six sample projects that demonstrate different features of Virgo
and different ways of setting up your project in Eclispe. Most samples contain more detailed
READMEs in their respective directories. The 'bin' directory contains built Artifacts and
source jars for all the samples.
The six sample projects are:
This is a good starting place if you are new to OSGi, this sample dose not use Virgo and shows
the basic concepts of OSGi modularity.
No Spring
This is a simple web application that isn't powered by Spring but still uses the traditional
Servlet container, another approach would be to use the OSGi HTTPService.
This is a Spring powered web app that is shown in four different states as it is transformed
from a legacy 'WAR' file to an OSGi application.
1. Legacy 'WAR' based web application.
2. Shared Libs application, a single bundle with its dependancies removed.
3. Shared Services application now consisting of several OSGi bundles.
4. PAR file packaging the bundles of the application together.
This is an example of using the Spring REST features to publish a restFull API from an OSGi
application. It contains it's own detailed README.
Configuration Properties
This simple sample shows how to configure your OSGi application using configuration artifacts.
This is a much more complex and realistic application. The 'docs' directory contains very
detailed information on this project.