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<title>JAX-WS Preferences</title>
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<h2>JAX-WS Preferences</h2>
<p>The <strong>JAX-WS</strong> tab provides settings that control the automatic generation of JAX-WS annotations and the enablement of JAX-WS annotation validation processing.</p>
<p><img src="./images/jaxws_annotations.png" alt="JAXWS Annotations" > </p>
<p>Select the JAX-WS annotations that are added by default to the implementation bean or SEI before input to the CXF java2ws tool.</p>
<p><img src="./images/apt_processing.png" alt="APT Processing"> </p>
<p>Select this option to enable annotation validation processing in web projects when configured with the CXF Facet.</p>
<p>The JDT APT processors report errors, warnings and information messages in the Java Editor and Problems View when JAX-WS rules are broken.</p>
<p>Annotation processing can be enabled and disabled on any Java based project using the Annotation Processing properties page on the projects context menu.</p>
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<a href="../tasks/configuring_jaxws_annotation_processing.html">Enable JAX-WS Annotation Processing</a><br>