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<title>Configuring JAX-WS Annotation Processing</title>
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<h2>Enable JAX-WS Annotation Processing</h2>
<p>If the <strong>Enable annotation validation processing</strong> setting on the <a href="PLUGINS_ROOT/">JAX-WS</a> tab in
the Apache CXF 2.x preferences is selected, annotation processing will be enabled on projects on as part of the CXF Facet install.</p>
<h3>Enabling Existing Projects</h3>
To turn annotation processing on or off on an existing project right-click on the project and choose <b>Properties</b> from the context menu.
On the <strong>Java Compiler > Annotation Processing</strong> properties page select or deselect the <strong>Enable Annotation Processing</strong> check box and then click <b>OK</b>.
<p><img src="./images/annotation_processing.png" alt="Annotation Processing" > </p>
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<a href="PLUGINS_ROOT/">CXF Project Facet</a><br>