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<title>Create a project for CXF Web services</title>
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<h2>Create a project for CXF Web services</h2>
<p>To create a Dynamic Web Project and enable it for Apache CXF Web services development perform the following steps:<br/>
Select <a class="command-link" href='javascript:executeCommand("org.eclipse.ui.newWizard(newWizardId=org.eclipse.jst.servlet.ui.project.facet.WebProjectWizard)")'>
<img src="PLUGINS_ROOT/" alt="Open the new dynamic web project wizard"><strong>File &gt; New &gt; Project... &gt; Web &gt; Dynamic Web Project</strong></a> from the top level menu
enter the following information:
<ol type="a">
<li>Project name: Enter a name of the project.</li>
<li>Target Runtime: Select the server you wish to deploy your Web service to. If it's not listed
click <b>New</b> and browse to the location where it is installed.</li>
<li>Dynamic Web Module version: Select version 2.4 or 2.5</li>
<li>Default Configuration: Select the default configuration for your server type.</li>
<li>EAR Membership: If deploying to Apache Tomcat ensure that the <b>Add project to an EAR</b> check box is not selected.</li>
<li>Click Finish</li>
<li><a href="../tasks/install_cxf_facet.html">Install the CXF Project Facet</a></li>
<li><a href="../tasks/manage_cxf_lib_export.html">Manage the exporting of CXF libraries at deployment time</a></li>
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<a href="PLUGINS_ROOT/">CXF Project Facet</a><br>
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