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<title>Requirements and installation</title>
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<h2>Requirements and installation</h2>
<p>JAX-WS Tools has the following <i>minimum</i> requirements.</p>
<p>Eclipse 3.4.0 (<a href=""></a>)</p>
<p>Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) 3.0.1 (<a href=""></a>)</p>
<h3>JDK Versions</h3>
<p>Java 5.0 is the minimum required version and JDK 6.0 is supported from update 4 and later.</p>
<p><a href=""></a></p>
<h3>JAX-WS Runtime</h3>
<p>Before creating Web service applications with JAX-WS Tools a JAX-WS runtime must be downloaded, installed and configured in the workbench.</p>
<p>Currently we support the Apache CXF runtime for JAX-WS development from version 2.0.6 upwards. CXF 2.1.x or greater recommended.</p>
<p>The Apache CXF runtime can be downloaded from the <a href="">Apache CXF Downloads</a> page.</p>
<p>See <a href="PLUGINS_ROOT/">here</a> for a note on using CXF 2.6.0.</p>
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<a href="PLUGINS_ROOT/">Apache CXF 2.x Preferences</a><br>
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