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<h2>Server load</h2>
Server load indicates how busy our servers are at any point in time. 'main' and 'main2' are backend file/database/authentication servers, whereas node1 to node4 and utils are load-balanced web/cvs servers. For an overall picture of system load, look at the CPU graph, above.<br /><br />
Server load will rarely be the cause of a performance slowdown, but can affect certain system maintenance jobs that are scheduled to run throughout the day.<br /><br />
Load average is displayed for the last minute, the last 5 minutes and the last 15 minutes.<br /><br />
Which of those servers are you using? I don't know. Your web pages, bugzilla pages and CVS connections are being processed by any one of the "node" servers.<br /><br />
- 0.00 to 1.99: no delay in processing requests. This is what you should see most of the time.<br />
- 2.00 to 4.99: server is busy, but nothing major.<br />
- <font class="red">5.00</font> to <font class="red">9.99</font>: the house is rockin' - expect short processing delays.<br />
- <font class="red">10.00</font> and up: general server overload. It could be just a spike due to replication or disk activity, because this isn't normal.<br /><br />