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<title>WTP 3.2.5 Patches</title>
<h1>WTP 3.2.5 Patches</h1>
<p>Bug <a href=''>366065</a>. Add a new filter rule to include/exclude based on a target runtime</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>367882</a>. Avoid IllegalArgumentException in Validation filters</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>368379</a>. The name provided to an EAR project is not validated against the existent projects in the workspace that are not EAR Projects.</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>365103</a>. JAX-RS configuration UI should have the Update Deployment descriptor check box available</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>372524</a>. Remove reference to JBoss</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>373563</a>. Do not use fragments when resolving URI from component in MappedComponentXMIHelper</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>369587</a>. V2 Validation Framework ignoring IResourceDelta.REMOVED events</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>376747</a>. Source files not included in WEB-INF/classes when exporting a WAR if .component file contains non-existing folders</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>394416</a>. Referenced component cannot be removed when the file was removed</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>414225</a>. Using relative path to include a XML file leads to a XML Definition validation error</p>