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1) The restore defaults button works immediately, if the user later presses cancel, the restore should not happen.
2) Should I add checks for Team Private and derived?
4) Adding a new validator had no filters, until a restore defaults was forced.
5) How do you get your builder added to a new project?
Remember to delete this file when you are done.
To upgrade an existing validator
1) I changed the plug-in to use the new EP
2) I keep the validator as implementing an IValidator (to make some of the other calls easier)
3) Add project level options
6) Since I hijacked column 3, what should I do about delegating validators?
- If it is an old validator call the old dialog
- If it is a new validator, add a combo box to the settings page
- Note - the delegating EP has a target, which is really no more than a name, and a class which is what really gets
selected, and then called. In the case of the XSD validator, the target is XSDDelegatingValidator. (This phoney
target is what you add your filters to)