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Cannot_Create_Resource_ERROR_=IWAE0001E Cannot create a resource for \" {0} \"
Unable_to_save_read-only_f_ERROR_=IWAE0004E Unable to save read-only file: {0}
The_following_resources_ne_UI_=The following resources need to be saved but are currently shared, do you want to save now?
An_error_occurred_while_sa_ERROR_=IWAE0002E An error occurred while saving.
EMFWorkbenchContextBase_ERROR_0=IWAE0003E Method not yet implemented.
EMFWorkbenchContextBase_ERROR_1=IWAE0005E Project can not be null.
EMFWorkbenchContextBase_ERROR_2=IWAE0006E Attempt to create resource set with null project
EMFNatureRegistry_ERROR_0=IWAE0007E Duplicate EMF nature registration for id: {0}
EMFWorkbenchContextFactory_UI_0=The project should not be null.
EMFWorkbenchContextFactory_UI_1=The project \"{0}\" is not accessible.
PleaseMigrateYourCodeError_ERROR_0=IWAE0008E Your source code uses obsolete methods. Please consult \n the design documents for guidelines on how to migrating \n your current source code.
EMF2DOMAdapterImpl_ERROR_0=IWAE0009E Multiple elements exist where only 1 is expected. Node name: {0};