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This is a stub plugin for perfmsr. It is here just so that org.eclipse.jem.util can compile.
It should not be an open project during normal usage. Whenever any of the files in this project
are changed, "perfmsr.jardesc" should be used to create the new changed appropriate jar. Do this by:
1) Select perfmsr.jardesc
2) On popup menu select "Create JAR"
3) Hit "Finish"
4) Commit all changes to CVS.
5) Go to org.eclipse.jem.util project, select the org.eclipse.perfmsr.core.stub folder
and select Replace->Latest from HEAD. This will cause your just committed changes
from step 4 to be put into org.eclipse.jem.util and will be picked up for that
plugin to compile against.
6) Either close or delete the org.eclipse.perfmsr.core.stuf project from the workspace.