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# Set this to true if you wish performance information to be logged
# set this to true if you want version 1 validator tracing
# Set this to a file name, if you wish the results to be logged to a file, otherwise
# they will be written to stderr. When logged to a file the results are in a
# CSV (comma separated values) form. When logged to stderr they are in a more
# human readable form.
# By default times that are written to the trace file are in milliseconds for elapsed
# time and nanoseconds for cpu time. If you find these times easier to read as seconds
# as expressed by a double, the following flag can be turned on.
# If extra detail is needed for a particular validator it's id can be specified here.
# For example, if you wanted more detail on the XML validator you would use
# org.eclipse.wst.xml.core.xml