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<title>What's New for 2.0?</title>
<p class="ueberschrift">What's New for 3.0.1?</p>
<p>This document describes the API changes that have been made in the Faceted Project Framework for
the WTP 3.0.1 release. Both Java API and extension point changes are covered. All API that was
deprecated in this release is still supported, but clients are advised to switch to non-deprecated
alternatives as soon as feasible.</p>
<li><a href="#separate-icons">Separate Icons for Different Versions of a Runtime Component Type</a></li>
<li><a href="#rcv-adaptable">IRuntimeComponentVersion Extends IAdaptable</a></li>
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<p><font size="+1"><a name="#separate-icons">1. Separate Icons for Different Versions of a Runtime Component Type</a></font></p>
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<p>The <code>images</code> extension point now supports a <code>version</code> attribute when used
together with <code>runtime-component-type</code> attribute. This allows separate icons to be used
for different versions of the same runtime component type.</p>
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<p><font size="+1"><a name="#rcv-adaptable">2. IRuntimeComponentVersion Extends IAdaptable</a></font></p>
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<p>IRuntimeComponentVersion interface now extends platform's IAdaptable interface.</p>