update title on lost page

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diff --git a/content/en_etcpasswd.php b/content/en_etcpasswd.php
index 28f0d24..025708e 100644
--- a/content/en_etcpasswd.php
+++ b/content/en_etcpasswd.php
@@ -15,7 +15,6 @@
 <div class="col-xs-24">
-  <h1><?php print $pageTitle;?></h1>
   <h2>What are you searching for?</h2>
   <p>It appears you're looking for our /etc/passwd file - probably because you want to get access to information in order to h4x0r us.</p>
   <p>It doesn't contain much... really.  A root account, an account for the web server, and the other dozen or so system accounts that are also in your /etc/passwd file. The rest of our account information is stored elsewhere.  Darn.</p>
diff --git a/etcpasswd.php b/etcpasswd.php
index f01275e..4937265 100644
--- a/etcpasswd.php
+++ b/etcpasswd.php
@@ -23,5 +23,5 @@
 include("content/en_" . $App->getScriptName());
\ No newline at end of file