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<article link="swt-design-2.html">
SWT: The Standard Widget Toolkit PART 2: Managing Operating
System Resources
<date>November 27, 2001</date>
<category>User interface</category>
<name>Carolyn MacLeod</name>
<name>Steve Northover</name>
This is the second in a series of articles about the design ideas behind
SWT. SWT uses operating system resources to deliver its native
graphics and widget functionality. Allocating and freeing
operating system resources is traditionally an area of
programming that is error prone. Languages that include garbage
collection, such as the Java&trade;
language, relieve the programmer from the burden of managing
memory, but not from the allocation and freeing of operating
system resources. This article discusses the simple strategy
used by SWT to help application designers manage operating
system resources.