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<h1>Building OSGi / RCP applications with Maven / Tycho</h1>
<p>The &#8220;building OSGi and RCP applications with Maven / Tycho&#8221; training will teach you how to build bundles, features, products, p2 repositories, ... in a fully automated way using Tycho, a Maven-based build system from the Eclipse ecosystem.
After having taken you from introduction to all the good practices to follow in production, the course will conclude with how Tycho integrates with continuous integration.
<li><b>Format:</b> 1 day instructor-led class with at least 50% hands-on labs and tutorial.</li>
<li><b>Audience:</b> Release engineers, software developers and architects</li>
<li><b>Prerequisites:</b> Limited understanding of OSGi bundle metadata. No previous knowledge of Maven is necessary.</li>
<li><a href="/community/training/OSGI_Course.pdf" target="blank">Course Outline</a></li>
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