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$BEA = new companyInfo("BEA", "images/bea.jpg", "<div style='position:relative;margin-bottom:-10px;'> All-in-one project downloads by Eclipse. No joke bandwidth by <img style='clear:none;position:relative;top:5px;' src='images/akamai.PNG'>. The #1 Commercial Eclipse based tool by BEA.</div>", "SDK, WTP All-in-one, WTP+JST+WST All-in-one and more!", "redirect.php?A=BEA", 300, 1);
$Innoopract = new companyInfo("Innoopract", "images/innoopract.jpg", "<div style='position:relative;margin-bottom:-10px;'> Latest Eclipse Bundles and more: Use the really cool <img style='clear:none;position:relative;top:5px;' src='images/yoxos_logo_48x16.png'> on Demand to configure your individual download of and tested 3rd party plugins.</div>", "All", "redirect.php?A=Innoopract", 300, 1);
$NexB = new companyInfo("nexB", "images/nexb.jpg", "Get easy to install Eclipse based distros and open source plugins with EasyEclipse", "All", "redirect.php?A=NexB", 100, 1);
$WWIM = new companyInfo("Weigle Wilczek - Information Management", "images/wilczek.jpg", "German and Russian servers.", "All", "redirect.php?A=WWIM", 100, 1);
$IBM = new companyInfo("IBM", "images/ibm.jpg", "Updated for 3.2.2 - Free, no-registration-necessary Callisto bundles ready-to-use: 1) JavaEE development (WTP); 2) software modeling (GMF); 3) testing (TPTP); 4) enterprise projects. Let IBM help you jump-start your next Eclipse project.", "All", "redirect.php?A=IBM", 100, 1);
$ACTUATE = new companyInfo("Actuate", "images/actuate.PNG", "Download servers at China with translated download pages.", "Projects: SDK (English), BIRT All-in-one.", "redirect.php?A=ACT", 50, 1);
$ROWE = new companyInfo("RoweBots", "images/rowebots64.jpg", "C/C++Tools for Embedded System Development including compiler tool chains, full support and single click install. No registration required.", "10 Callisto Embedded Systems Downloads.", "redirect.php?A=ROW", 50, 1);
$companyinfo = array(&$Innoopract, &$WWIM, &$IBM, &$BEA, &$NexB, &$ACTUATE, &$ROWE);