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include ($documentRoot . "/downloads/content/distro_functions.php");
include ($documentRoot . "/downloads/content/ganymede_distros.php");
$randomized = randomSeed ($companyinfo);
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$i = 0;
$count = count($companyinfo);
while ($i < $count)
$index = $randomized[$i];
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<td width="80" align="center">
<img src="<?=$companyinfo[$index]->companyLogo;?>" height="64" width="64">
<a class="packageTitle" href="<?=$companyinfo[$index]->linkTo;?>"><?=$companyinfo[$index]->companyName;?></a><br/>
<p class="smallType">Details for participating in Members Downloads can be found <a href="">HERE</a>. If you would like to host Eclipse projects and more while helping to promote your organization to the Eclipse Ecosystem, please send an email to <a href=""></a>. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with any of the links, please open a <a href="">bug report</a>. If you are experiencing problems with a member site, please contact their webmaster or persons noted on their landing page.</p>