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$GENUITEC = new companyInfo ("Pulse", "images/pulse64.png", "Download Eclipse Ganymede fast with optimized mirrors. Manage plugins and configurations for free.", "IGNORED FIELD", "", 250, 1);
$INTALIO = new companyInfo ("Intalio", "images/intalio.png", "Eclipse-SDK & STP-BPMN. Intalio|Designer: Bus Process IDE, turn BPMN diagrams into executable BPEL", "IGNORED FIELD", "", 125, 1);
$YOXOS = new companyInfo ("Yoxos", "images/innoopract.jpg", "Eclipse Ganymede and hundreds of additional plug-ins - served by the Yoxos OnDemand download portal.", "IGNORED FIELD", "", 300, 1);
$OBEO = new companyInfo("Obeo", "images/obeo.png", "Dedicated to modeling, providing base framework, editors, graphical modelers, model to model transformation and code generation for Eclipse.", "IGNORED FIELD", "", 125, 1);
$ORACLE = new companyInfo("Oracle", "images/ora64.gif", "Bandwidth by Akamai. Eclipse Ganymede and 3.x distributions by the foundation. Free products and downloads of #1 Commercial Eclipse tool by Oracle.", "IGNORED FIELD", "", 300, 1);
$ITEMIS = new companyInfo("Itemis", "images/itemis.gif", "Eclipse Ganymede and openArchitectureWare 4.3. Get started with model driven development.", "IGNORED FIELD", "", 125, 1);
$INNOVATIONS = new companyInfo("Innovations", "images/innovations.gif", "Download Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers and Visual Rules. Business Rules Management with Eclipse. Free trial.", "IGNORED FIELD", "", 125, 1);
$ACTUATE = new companyInfo("Actuate", "images/actuate.PNG", "Fast download of Eclipse BIRT Report Designer All-in-one powered by Akamai. Free download of one click installer of BIRT designer from Actuate.", "IGNORED FIELD", "", 125, 1);
$POLARION = new companyInfo("Polarion", "images/polarion64.png", "Eclipse SDK + Subversive, free integrated tracker/vcs/collaboration tool, free SVN tools, and more!", "IGNORED FIELD", "", 125, 1);
$EMBARCADERO = new companyInfo("Embarcadero", "images/embarcadero64.gif", "Bandwidth by Akamai. Download Eclipse 3.4 as well as other Eclipse-based tools for both application developers and database developers.", "IGNORED FIELD", "", 300, 1);
$IBM = new companyInfo("IBM", "images/ibm.jpg", "Free, no-registration-necessary Ganymede bundles ready-to-use. Let IBM help you jump-start your next Eclipse project.", "IGNORED FIELD", "", 300, 1);
$BLUAGE = new companyInfo("BLU AGE", "images/bluage64x64.png", "Download Eclipse 3.4 and Modeling Tools. Try agile model transformation and 100% source code generation.", "IGNORED FIELD", "", 125, 1);
$MONTAGES = new companyInfo("Montages", "images/montages64.png", "Latest Milestone releases. For Business Modeling in the financial industry with EMF/UML and OCL.", "IGNORED FIELD", "", 275, 1);
$companyinfo = array( );