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# index.php
# Author: Nathan Gervais
# Date: 2008-12-17
# Description: Page to promote friends of Eclipse after the user has downloaded something.
# Begin: page-specific settings. Change these.
$pageTitle = "Thanks for downloading";
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="friends_promo.css"/>
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<h1>Thanks for downloading from Eclipse</h1>
<div id="friendsBlock">
<img src="/downloads/images/friends_promo.png" />
<div id="friendsBlurb">
<p><b>Become a Friend of Eclipse and get access to the Friends of Eclipse Mirror Site!</b></p>
<li>Dedicated Bandwith for faster downloads</li>
<li>Early Access to new builds when the new release train ships</li>
<p><b>Friends of Eclipse also help the Eclipse Foundation provide services for the Eclipse community, such as:</b></p>
<li>Providing more bandwidth for users and committers</li>
<li>Purchasing additional servers to host Eclipse projects</li>
<li>Sending students to EclipseCon</li>
<li>Sponsoring Eclipse community events</li>
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