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<plan plan-format="1.0" xmlns="" xmlns:html="" name="Gemini Management">
<release projectName="Gemini Management" projectid="" version="2.0.0.RELEASE"/>
<html:div>A subproject of Gemini that provides a remote JMX management of the module system runtime</html:div>
<html:div>A single bundle along with web based user documentation.</html:div>
<html:div>Milestones leading to 2.0.0. release</html:div>
<milestone date="14/12/2012" milestone="M01"><html:div>Completed</html:div></milestone>
<html:div>Gemini Management 2.0.0 is targeted to run in any standard OSGi framework environment.</html:div>
<html:div>No internationalization is planned for the release.</html:div>
<html:div>This follows on from the 1.0.x line of releases. There are breaking changes on the naming of the MBeans API along with minor changes to the symantics of the results returned from some of the functions. For full documentation please now read the JMX section of the OSGi Enterprise spec 5.0.</html:div>
<html:div>The following themes and priorities were considered during Gemini Management development.</html:div>
<theme name="OSGi and Java EE development">
<description>Developers that are using JMX tools connecting to OSGi environment</description>
<committed bugzilla="...(recommended) bugzilla search url...">
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<proposed bugzilla="...(recommended) bugzilla search url...">
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<deferred bugzilla="...(recommended) bugzilla search url...">
...(optional alternate) html...</deferred>
<theme name="Compliance with the OSGi EE JMX spec">
<description>To be an implementation of the OSGi JXM spec version 5.0</description>
<appendix name="Project Refactoring">