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<h2>Who's running this project?</h2>
<p>This page lists the people that are currently playing the PMC and subproject
leadership roles described in the <a href="eclipse-charter.php">project
charter</a>. We welcome new people who want to get involved and can make a contribution.
The Eclipse Project is a meritocracy. The more you contribute the more
responsibility you will earn. </p>
<p>We ask that you do not e-mail us directly. Instead - use the <a href="" target="_top">mailing
lists</a>. Mailing lists have been set up for each area of work, and are
the best way to get involved.</p>
<p>The Eclipse Project is managed by a small group known as the Eclipse
Project Management Committee (<a href="eclipse-charter.php#PMC">PMC</a>).
The work of the project is organized into subprojects. Each subproject
has a leader who has overall responsibility for its success. Large subprojects
are further divided into component teams, each of who has a leader that
is responsible for its overall success. We have listed just the PMC and
subproject leaders here but you will encounter many dedicated Eclipse
Project committers and developers in the <a href="" target="_top">mailing lists</a>.</p>
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<h3>Project Management Committee Members</h3>
<b><a id="McQ"></a>Mike ("McQ") Wilson, IBM Ottawa</b><br>
McQ is the overall lead for the Eclipse Project aka PMC Lead.
He is a senior architect of the Eclipse SDK, a member of the Eclipse <a href="">
Architecture Council</a> and one of the original Eclipse Founders. His interests include computer
language design and implementation, semantic content publishing, web development,
and playing the cello. Mike leads the <a href="">e4</a>
<b><a id="aleksandar"></a>Aleksandar Kurtakov, Red Hat Inc.</b><br>
Aleksandar is part of Red Hat's Eclipse team. He is Platform SWT committer, Tools PMC member and leads the <a href="">Linux Tools</a> project.
He is very interested in deeper native platform integration both as runtime experience and as distribution channel.
He is also interested in growing the contributors and better aligning with modern systems.
<b><a id="lars"></a>Lars Vogel, vogella GmbH</b><br>
Lars represents the user and adopter community of Eclipse. Lars is founder and CEO of the vogella GmbH based in Hamburg, Germany.
He is an active Platform UI and PDE committer, contributor to other Eclipse projects and co-leads the <a href="">e4</a> and
<a href="">Platform UI</a> project.
His interests include API and UI simplification, code clean and growing the number of committers and contributors in the project.
<b><a id="tom"></a>Tom Watson, IBM Austin</b><br>
Tom is one of the initial committers of the Equinox project and was involved in the initial migration of the Eclipse runtime to the OSGi Framework.
Currently he leads the Equinox Project, represents IBM in the Eclipse Planning Council, and is also a member of the Eclipse Architecture Council.
He focuses is on modularity and the OSGi Framework design and development. Tom is also a leader in the specification development process at the OSGi Alliance.
<b><a id="tom"></a>Jay Arthanareeswaran, IBM India</b><br>
Jay is a long time committer and a lead of the Eclipse JDT subproject. In his current role,
Jay is responsible for the Eclipse Compiler, especially supporting new Java Language features.
In the past, he has also contributed to the Orion and Flux Projects. Jay has been an Eclipse
user since its inception.
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<h3>Past PMC members</h3>
The following are Eclipse Project PMC Emeriti:
<b><a id="erich"></a>Erich Gamma</b><br>
Erich was the original lead of the Eclipse Java development environment.
Prior to working on Eclipse he contributed to VA/Micro Edition (part
of IBM's Java solution for embedded device programming). Erich is well known for
his work on Design Patterns and <a href="" target="_top">JUnit</a>.
<b><a id="kevin"></a>Kevin Haaland</b><br>
Kevin was a key contributor to the design and implementation of the
Platform UI. He was previously component lead for the Platform UI, and
has a long history of building user interface technology at OTI. In a past
life he was the lead for the SWT team. Kevin also played a key role in
the IBM VA/Java project.
<b><a id="jeff"></a>Jeff McAffer</b><br>
Jeff McAffer co-led the RT Equinox project and is the Founder of <a href="">Code 9</a>.
He is one of the architects of the Eclipse Platform and a co-author of
<a href="">The Eclipse Rich Client Platform</a> (Addison-Wesley).
Previous lives include being a Senior Technical Staff
Member at IBM and work in distributed/parallel OO computing (Server Smalltalk,
massively parallel Smalltalk, etc) as well as expert systems, meta-level architectures
and a PhD at the University of Tokyo.
<b><a id="andrew"></a>Andrew Overholt, Mozilla</b><br>
Andrew works on open source technologies at Mozilla in Toronto.
He has been involved with the Eclipse community since 2005
and is a member of the Eclipse <a href="">Architecture Council</a>.
For some time Andrew also led the <a href="">Linux Tools</a> project. He is very interested in continuing to grow the
Eclipse community and to improve native platform integration.
<b><a id="philippe"></a>Philippe Mulet</b><br>
Philippe is a former PMC and JDT project lead. Prior to Eclipse,
Philippe was responsible for the compiler and codeassist in IBM VA/Java
and VA/Micro Edition. Philippe was a member of the expert group on compiler
API (JSR199), representing IBM. His main interests are in compilation,
performance, scalability and meta-level architectures.
<b><a id="steve"></a>Steve Northover</b><br>
Steve Northover is the father of SWT (the Standard Widget Toolkit). Prior to
working on Eclipse, he worked on IBM Smalltalk, VA/Java, VA/Micro Edition.
His interests include programming languages, API design, operating systems,
user interfaces and code optimization.
<b><a id="johnw"></a>John Wiegand</b><br>
John was a principal architect for the platform infrastructure. John played
a central role in the development of IBM VA/Java, VA/Micro Edition, and
Eclipse. His interests are in the areas of performance, scalability,
compilers, and just about anything that's hard.
<b><a id="john"></a>John Arthorne</b><br>
John has worked on the <a href="">Eclipse</a> and <a href="">Equinox</a>
projects for the past decade in many different areas. He was the main developer on the resource model for many years,
and designed the platform's concurrency infrastructure. In recent years he has focused on the Orion project, provisioning (p2),
e4, and overall platform API quality. John has authored numerous <a href="">articles</a>
and a <a href="">
book</a> on Eclipse.
<b><a id="sergey"></a>Sergey Prigogin, Google</b><br>
Sergey is part of Google's Eclipse team. He is CDT and Platform UI committer and co-leads Platform Resources.
His primary areas of interest are C++ parsing, indexing, refactoring and making Eclipse faster and more responsive.
He is also interested in growing the number of Platform committers and contributors and making contributing to the
Eclipse Platform projects as frictionless as possible.
<b><a id="martin"></a>Martin Oberhuber, Wind River</b><br>
Martin was on the PMC representing the Community aspect of Eclipse and
the e4 project. He is a Platform Core Resources and e4 committer,
co-leading the e4 Resources work. Martin also serves on the
<a href="">DSDP PMC</a> and as
<a href="/dsdp/tm/">Target Management</a> Project lead, and revitalized
the Eclipse <a href="">
Architecture Council</a> as its chair. His interests include programming
languages, patterns and paradigms, optimizing development processes,
skiing, hiking, and playing all sorts of musical instruments.
<b><a id="dani"></a>Dani Megert, IBM Research - Zurich</b><br>
Dani is one of the initial Eclipse committers.He led the <a href="">Platform</a> and the <a href="">JDT</a> subprojects,
represented the project in the Eclipse <a href="">Planning Council</a>, and was also a
a member of the Eclipse <a href="">
Architecture Council</a>.
He was elected by the committers to represent them in the <a href="">Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors</a>.
Dani worked at OTI and IBM Research GmbH. His interests included user interface and API design, editors, software quality and performance.
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<li><a href="">Platform</a></li>
<li><a href="">JDT</a></li>
<li><a href="">PDE</a></li>
<li><a href="">Equinox</a></li>
<li><a href="">e4</a></li>
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