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<h2>Eclipse 3.3 Acknowledgements</h4>
<p>The Eclipse project (Platform, JDT, PDE, Equinox) development team always receives
a tremendous amount of support from the Eclipse community throughout each development
cycle and 3.3 is no exception. The enormous collective effort of consuming the
latest builds, participating in discussions, opening bug reports, testing, and
providing patches always results in a better release. To everyone that helped
a big &quot;Thank you!&quot;. In particular, the team would like to express
it's appreciation to the following people.</p>
<p>The User Assistance team would like to thank Jiang Lin Quan, Stephan Michels, Sebastian Davids and Eric Isakson for the patches
which they submitted.</p>
<p>The Text team would like to thank everyone who filed good bug reports and enhancement requests. Special thanks go to: Sebastian Davids,
Christian Plesner Hansen, Hiroyuki Inaba, Michel Ishizuka, Anton Leherbauer, Benjamin Muskalla, Philippe Ombredanne and Max Weninger.</p>
<p>The JDT/Core team would like to thank the following contributors for their patches (in no particular order): Nina Rinskaya, Perry James, Tom Tromey, Eric Jodet</p>
<p>The Team/CVS/Compare team would like to thank the following contributors for their
patches (in no particular order): Matt McCutchen, Brock Janiczak, Krzysztof Daniel,
Tomasz Zarna, Sebastian Davids, Ashish Billore, Krzysztof Michalski, Dmitry Karasik,
Graham Collinson, Antoine Toulmé, Peter Moogk, Philip K. Warren, Max Weninger,
Andrey Tarantsov, Eugene Kuleshov, Benjamin Muskalla, Willian Mitsuda, Christophe Elek,
Remy Chi Jian Suen, and Aldo Bongio</p>
<p>The Ant team would like to thank the following contributors for their patches (in no particular order): Brock Janiczak, Daniel Megert, Dobes Vandermeer, Matthew Conway.</p>
<p>The Platform UI team would like to thank:</p>
<li> Tom Schindl for lots of snippets, many bugfixes and cool new features in
<li> Brad Reynolds for an incredible number of JUnit tests, and for his contributions
to the data binding framework.</li>
<li> Dave Orme for spreading the word about data binding.</li>
<li> Stefan Xenos and Peter Centgraf for constructive feedback on the data binding
<li> Matthew Hatem for bug reports, always with patches, in the area of the
<li> Benjamin Muskalla for his numerous fixes across many subcomponents and
his ongoing work on multi-monitor support in the Google Summer of Code</li>
<li> Sebastian Davids for his many years of helping us with UI polish</li>
<li>Shaan Curry House on Merivale Road for our weekly curry fix</li>
<li>All of the folks who logged quality bug reports or helped answer
questions for new users on #eclipse (</li>
<p>The SWT team would like to thank everyone who filed bugs and helped improve the toolkit. Special thanks goes to:
Andrew Overholt, Ben Konrath, Benjamin Pasero, Boris Bokowski, Daniel Megert, Eric Zimmerman, Florian Priester, Geoff Strom,
Javier Pedemonte, Jeff Wu, Matthew Hall, Matthew Hatem, Martin Aeschlimann, Mikhail Voronin, Oleg Krasilnikov, Phil Loats,
Rutger Ovidius, Scott Kovatch and Tom Schindl.</p>
<p>The Install/Update team would like to thank James D. Miles and Chris Aniszczyk for numerious patches and time spent debugging. In
addition, we would like to thank the following contributors: Channing Walton, Ben Konrath, Jacek Pospychala, Chris Grindstaff,
Jakub Jurkiewicz, Mark Melvin, Thomas Watson, Nalini Ganapati, Jordan Liggitt, Patrick Roumanoff, Ikuo Yamasaki and BJ Hargrave.</p>
<p>The Releng team would like to thank
<li>Andrew Niefer, Pascal Rapicault and DJ Houghton for all their improvements to and assistance with PDE Build.</li>
<li>The Orbit team for making life better for the Eclipse community as a whole by standardizing how third party bundles are packaged and consumed.</li>
<li>Frédéric Fusierfor his extensive testing and patches to improve the performance framework.</li>
<li>David Williams from WTP for managing the Orbit build process.</li>
<li>Martin Oberhuber from Wind River, DSDP/TM for his prolific and excellent bug reporting on issues with respect to Europa, especially regarding update
manager, and signed and packed jars.</li>
<li>The three amigos of webmasters - Denis, Matt and Karl for their expedient and cheerful response to requests for changes or questions.</li>
<li>Olivier Thomann for his numerous patches, suggestions and assistance</li>
<li>Super Jenn Charland for her excellent local IT support, and the rest of the IBM lab IT team.</li>
<li>The Platform UI team for curry and complementary beverages, and Jeff McAffer for chocolate</li>
<li>Our respective husbands for their love and support during good build days and bad.</li>