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<h1 align=center>Eclipse 3.0 by the numbers</h1>
<div align="center"><a name="1"><i>“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics.”</i> <br>
– Benjamin Disraeli</a></div>
<p align=center>
As the critics circle in to deliver their judgements and the 35 mirrors <br>
are brought to their knees by a deluge of downloads, it is time to sit back and<br>
reflect on the past fifteen months of development. The following statistics are<br>
an attempt to throw a light-hearted spin on the challenges and accomplishments<br>
the Eclipse SDK teams have faced during this longest of all Eclipse release cycles.<br>
All figures are for the Eclipse 3.0 development period only, from March 28, 2003, until<br>
June 28, 2004, and cover only the Eclipse SDK components (Platform, JDT, and PDE).<br>
Figures on the Eclipse source code refer to the deployed SDK code, excluding all test<br>
and example code.<br>
<h3 align=center>View from the top</h3>
<p align=center>Plug-ins: 76
<p align=center>New plug-ins in 3.0: 17
<p align=center> Increase in size of the SDK download (from 2.1): 23,881 KB
<p align=center>Size of the smallest plug-in (org.eclipse.core.boot): 3 KB
<p align=center>Size of the largest plug-in (org.eclipse.jdt.ui): 5,750 KB
<p align=center>Days in the Eclipse 3.0 development period: 458
<p align=center>Integration builds: 356
<p align=center>Milestone builds: 9
<p align=center>Donuts consumed (North American committers): 1,120
<p align=center>Cigarettes inhaled (European committers): 14,656
<p align=center>3.0 plan items: 95
<p align=center>3.0 plan items marked fixed: 43
<h3 align=center>Use the Source, Luke</h3>
<p align=center>Java source files: 9,689
<p align=center>Lines of Java source code: 1,903,219
<p align=center>Lines of XML source code: 33,280
<p align=center>GIF files: 1,674
<p align=center>Automated JUnit tests run every build: 21,332
<p align=center>Most tests for a single component (JDT Core): 9,747
<p align=center>Least tests for a single component (PDE Core/UI): 0
<p align=center>Instances of the word "foo" in the source: 224
<p align=center>Instances of the word "todo" in the source: 1,085
<p align=center>Instances of the word "hack" in the source: 43
<p align=center>Most CVS revisions for one file ( 413
<h3 align=center>Trial and error</h3>
<p align=center>Number of different "new looks": 4
<p align=center>Number of different background progress animations: 7
<p align=center>Terms for scalable UI proposals (activity, context, role, scope, capability): 5
<p align=center>API changes after the "official" API freeze (May 7): 49
<p align=center>Deadlock bugs fixed while getting the jobs support working: 129
<p align=center>Number of boolean or numeric preferences: 638
<p align=center>Number of color preferences: 94
<h3 align=center>Learning to communicate</h3>
<p align=center>Number of newsgroup posts: 47,427
<p align=center>Most posts in a single newsgroup thread (M8 Look and feel): 78
<p align=center>Most newsgroup posts by an individual (Steve Northover): 763
<p align=center>Most mailing list posts by an individual (Sonia Dimitrov): 2,617
<p align=center>Lines of poetry sent to the platform.releng mailing list: 45
<h3 align=center>Just Google it</h3>
<p align=center>Google hits for the exact phrase "Eclipse 3.0": 91,900
<p align=center>Google hits for "OSGi" and "Eclipse": 45,500
<p align=center>Google hits for "RCP" and "Eclipse": 26,800
<p align=center>Google hits for the exact phrase "new look" and the word "Eclipse": 16,500
<p align=center>Google hits for the exact phrase "JDK 1.5" and the word "Eclipse": 11,300
<p align=center>Google hits for "Responsiveness" and "Eclipse": 6,720
<h3 align=center>Eclipzilla</h3>
<p align=center>Bugzilla bug or enhancement reports entered: 26,778
<p align=center>Bugzilla reports resolved (fixed, wontfix, duplicate, etc): 24,365
<p align=center>Bugzilla reports fixed: 11,772
<p align=center>Distinct bug reporters: 4,513
<p align=center>Most bugs entered by an individual (Darin Swanson): 746
<p align=center>Most bugs marked fixed by an individual (Darin Swanson): 680
<p align=center>Most bugs entered by a non-committer (Sebastian Davids): 363
<p align=center>Most bug comments by an individual (Darin Wright): 6,511
<p align=center>Most bugs owned by an individual (Tod Creasey): 943
<p align=center>Most bugs marked invalid, worksforme, or duplicate by an individual (Dani Megert): 786
<p align=center>Most comments on a single bug (bug <a href="">37683</a>): 195
<p align=center>Most votes for a single bug (bug <a href="">9355</a>): 109
<p align=center>Largest bug CC list (tie between <a href="">36938</a> and <a href="">37997</a>): 79
<p align=center>Bugs fixed with more than one vote: 262
<p align=center>Most times a single bug was marked fixed (four way tie,
<a href="">12966</a>,
<a href="">16114</a>,
<a href="">28343</a>,
<a href="">43197</a>): 5
<p align=center>Bug reports containing the exact phrase "running man": 100
<p align=center>Bug reports on the subject of Haiku (bug <a href="">63474</a>): 1
<p align=center>Bug reports containing the word "acquiesced" (bug <a href="">46668</a>): 1
<h3 align=center>Making a commitment</h3>
<p align=center>Active committers: 62
<p align=center>New committers: 22
<p align=center>Children born to committers during the 3.0 cycle: 6
<p align=center>Most Halo frags by an individual (Doug, estimated): 9,846
<p align=center>Most files in an individual's local history (Dirk): 30,339
<p align=center>Committers who skipped EclipseCon because of unpaid U.S. parking tickets: 1