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<title>Eclipse Platform Project Plan Summary</title>
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<h1>Eclipse Platform Project<br>
Plan Summary</h1>
<p>Last revised 11:30 February 14, 2005</p>
<p>The Eclipse Platform top level project is currently working on the 3.1 release.
The Eclipse Platform, JDT, and PDE&nbsp; subsystems are now into their 4th major
release (1.0 in Nov. 2001; 2.0 in June 2002; 2.1 in March 2003; 3.0 in June
2004). In addition to the major JDT upgrade to support J2SE5, the overall thrust
of 3.1 is solidification and readying it as a platform that will support and
sustain a broad and growing base of products and user communities. 3.1 is planned
for late June 2005 (<a href="">plan</a>).</p>
<p>This overall thrust will continue with the follow-up 3.2 release (<a href="eclipse_project_plan_3_2.html">plan</a>).
In particular, we will continue to focus on scalability, to ensure Eclipse also
works well for everything from small projects involving a few individuals to
large-scale IT projects with huge development organizations. We also want to
enhance the Platform's support for integrating a wide range of software development
lifecycle tools, such as the ones being developed the <a href="" target="_top">Eclipse
Test and Performance Tools Platform project</a>, as well as for integrating
the next tier of tools, like the ones being developed at the <a href="" target="_top">Eclipse
Web Tools Platform</a> and <a href="">CDT</a> projects.</p>