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<h2>Download Eclipse EEF</h2>
<h3>Release Train Update Site URLs (recommended)</h3>
<li>2.0.x and 1.5.1 -</li>
<li>1.7.x and 1.5.1 -</li>
<li>1.5.0 -</li>
<h3>Composite Update Site URLs (advanced users)</h3>
<li>EEF 2.0.x -</li>
<li>EEF 1.9.x -</li>
<li>EEF 1.8.x -</li>
<li>EEF 1.7.x -</li>
<li>EEF 1.6.x -</li>
<h3>Individual Update Site URLs (advanced users)</h3>
<li>EEF 2.0.1 -</li>
<li>EEF 2.0.0 -</li>
<li>EEF 1.9.2 -</li>
<li>EEF 1.9.1 -</li>
<li>EEF 1.9.0 -</li>
<li>EEF 1.8.0 -</li>
<li>EEF 1.7.2 -</li>
<li>EEF 1.7.1 -</li>
<li>EEF 1.7.0 -</li>
<li>EEF 1.6.2 -</li>
<li>EEF 1.6.1 -</li>
<li>EEF 1.6.0 -</li>
<h3>Eclipse Marketplace</h3>
You can also install <a href="">Eclipse EEF 1.5 (the old runtime)</a> by using the Eclipse Marketplace client. Please make sure that the Eclipse Marketplace client is already installed in your Eclipse, for more details, please refer to the <a href="">Introducing the Eclipse Marketplace Client</a> installation guide.