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<h2 id="ContainerLayout">Container &amp; Layout</h2>
<h3 id="description">Description</h3>
<p>A container is a kind of control which can be contained in a
<a href="#/documentation/2.0.2/language/group">group</a> or in another container and used to create a complex layout.
<h3 id="properties">Properties</h3>
<li>identifier: The identifier of the container is used when you need to programmatically customize the appearance of the container.</li>
<li>controls: The
<a href="#/documentation/2.0.2/language/widgets">widgets</a>, sub-container and
<a href="#/documentation/2.0.2/language/dynamicmappings">dynamic mappings</a> contained in the container.
<li>layout: The layout of the container. There are two kind of layout available, the fill layout and the grid layout. The fill layout will organize the controls in a horizontal or vertical line while the grid layout will create a grid with a specific number of columns and then it will populate each column until the end before creating a new line of controls.</li>