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<h3>Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) Model Transaction</h3>
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<p>EMF model transaction provides the following capabilities:</p>
<li>Multi-threading - Supports a protocol for clients to read and write EMF models on multiple threads.</li>
<li>Model Integrity - Semantic integrity is ensured by automatic validation to detect invalid changes and semantic procedures to proactively maintain correctness of semantic dependencies.</li>
<li>Batched Events - Clients are notified of groups of related changes in batches, rather than as a stream of EMF notifications. In particular, this allows applications to analyze change sets in their entirety.</li>
<li>Undo/Redo - For a simplified programming model, the API automatically tracks changes applied to models without the need for client code to use EMF edit Commands. These changes are encapsulated in transactions/operations that can undo and redo themselves.</li>
<li>Editing Domain - Support cooperative editing of models by multiple editors/applications. EMF resources can be shared amongst different editing domains.</li>
<li>Eclipse Workspace - The API provides traceability between EMF resources and workspace resources. Multi-threaded access is coordinated via the Eclipse jobs API and its integration with the workspace.</li>
<li>Eclipse Operations - The API supports the Eclipse operation history as an undo stack for undo/redo of resource changes. The API provides a framework for undoable operations that automatically capture undo/redo information, which can be interleaved on the same history with dependent operations that do not modify the EMF model.</li>
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<h2>Current Status</h2>
<p>Development is underway for the proposed EMF Transaction 1.11.0 release for Eclipse Oxygen, due June 2017.</p>
<div class="sideitem">
<h2>EMF Transaction 1.10.0 Now Available</h2>
<p><i>June 22, 2016 -</i> EMF Transaction 1.10.0 for Eclipse Neon has been released. Check the <a href="downloads.php">Download</a> page.</p>
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