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<h3>Running the EPP package XY breaks with an out of memory exception?</h3>
<p>There is an error in the Eclipse launcher that prevents setting the correct
MaxPermSize automatically to the Java VM launch options. This results in many VM
crashes, especially in the large JEE package.
See <a href="">bug 203325</a>
for further information.</p>
<p>As a workaround one can add <tt>-XX:MaxPermSize=128m</tt> manually to the
<tt>-vmargs</tt> section of the <tt>eclipse.ini</tt>.</p>
<h3>Do the new Eclipse Europa Fall packages contain Eclipse Platform 3.3.0 or 3.3.1?</h3>
<p>If you download one of the new Eclipse Europa Fall packages
('eclipse-XXX-europa-fall-YYY') and you open the about dialog, it still shows up with
Eclipse version 3.3.0, but it is based on Eclipse Platform 3.3.1.
See <a href="">bug 205020</a>
for further information.</p>
<h3>Feature XYZ does not work</h3>
<p>Please check the version of your Java Runtime Environment. It is highly
recommended to use version 1.5 or higher with the EPP packages! While the
Eclipse Platform is
<a href="">known to run
with version 1.4</a>, some features of the EPP packages will be disabled
See <a href="">bug 191597</a>
for further information.</p>
<h3>Using the Eclipse Update Manager with Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers</h3>
<p>Because of a missing dependency it is not possible to use the Eclipse Update
Manager with the 20070628 version of this package. The bug has been reported as
<a href="">bug 194959:
Pieces missing from Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers distribution</a>. Packages
downloaded after 2007-07-02 are fixed.</p>
<p><strong>Workaround:</strong> Download the fixed package or add the features
<strong>Data Tools Platform Enablement</strong> and <strong>Data Tools Platform
Documentation</strong> manually from the Europa Discovery Update Site.</p>
<h3>Eclipse does not start</h3>
<p>In some rare environments the Eclipse Packages do not start on Windows. This
has been reported in bug
<a href="">194943</a> and
<a href="">194929</a>. Windows
packages downloaded after 2007-07-02 do not contain the
<code>-Dosgi.bundlefile.limit=100</code> parameter any more and should work.</p>
<p><strong>Workaround:</strong> Download a fixed package or remove the line
<strong><code>-Dosgi.bundlefile.limit=100</code></strong> from the
<code>eclipse.ini</code> file.</p>
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