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<p>Looking to learn more about the different projects involved in Europa? We are running a series of free
webinars to help you better understand how you can use the different Eclipse projects. Take a look below
and sign-up today.</p>
<h2>Webinar Title</h2>
<a href="#">Webinar Recording</a>
<li><p> Presenters: </p></li>
<li><p>Morbi ut turpis vitae diam tempus gravida. Suspendisse faucibus justo at quam. Praesent nulla tortor, lacinia at, elementum et, semper vitae, elit. Praesent tincidunt pellentesque dui. Proin vel nisi eget neque vehicula consectetuer. Duis est. Integer fringilla lorem id odio. Praesent eget dolor. Aenean et magna.</p>
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