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<h3>FMC - Fundamental Modeling Concepts</h3>
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<p>This project aims at providing meta models and editors for FMC to support software architects and consultants in defining and analyzing system landscapes on the conceptual as well as on the design level. This project focuses firstly on the FMC Block diagram and integrates already existing diagram types from Papyrus UML to offer a holistic TAM modeling support. In addition, the project will define meta models and provide editors for the other FMC diagram types. The FMC Block Diagram editor will be based on Eclipse Graphiti and uses EMF/Ecore for the respective meta model.</p>
<p>The project will provide meta models and editors for FMC diagrams. The architecture of the project will be open and extensible for domain-specific applications. Furthermore, it will allow the integration of FMC with UML models. This is the basis for Technical Architecture Modeling (TAM).</p>
<p>The following features are in scope for the FMC project:
<li>An Ecore meta model for FMC Block Diagrams.</li>
<li>A graphical editor for FMC Block Diagrams.</li>
<li>Ecore meta models and graphical editors for other FMC diagrams.</li>
<li>Plug-in extension points that allow customizing the editor.</li>
<p>The FMC model files can be used to facilitate interchange, for the integration with established frameworks such as EMF Compare, EMF Search or EMF Validation.</p>
<img src="images/screenshots/fmceditor.png" width="100%" alt="FMC Editor Screenshot"/>
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<p>FMC is in the <a
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<h3>New and Noteworthy</h3>
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<h3>Headlines on the web</h3>
href="">Jaxenter (german) - SAP proposes new Modeling Project</a></p>