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On June 26, the Eclipse Foundation is presenting Galileo In Action - a virtual
conference where you can interact with project leads involved in the release and see
demos of the new features. The annual simultaneous release has now grown to 33 projects
with over 23 million lines of code, contributed by committers around the world. With such
a large global community, Eclipse wants to bring Galileo to you!
<a href="" target="blank">
<img src="images/button_register.gif" style="padding-right: 25px;" alt="Register" border="0"></a>
<p>Galileo In Action is free to attend and registering gets you into all 5 sessions:</p>
<p>10:00-10:45 am EST<br>
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<b>What is Galileo and Why do I Love it?</b></a><br>
Doug Schaefer (C/C++ Development Tooling) and John Graham (Data Tools Platform)
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Doug and John will give an overview of what exactly the Galileo release is all about. They
will explain what makes Eclipse projects want to participate in the simultaneoue release and
what is required for them to do so. Doug and John will describe the improvements Galileo
brings to the community and from their perspective as project leads, what they see as the
impact to the Eclipse ecosystem.
<p>11:00 am - 11:45 am EST<br>
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<b>Frameworks Showcase</b></a><br>
Scott Lewis (Eclipse Communication Framework) and Pascal Rapicault (p2)
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ECF is a framework for supporting the development of distributed Eclipse-based tools and
applications. It can be used to create other plugins, tools or full Eclipse RCP applications
that require asynchronous point-to-point or publish-and-subscribe messaging.
p2 provides a framework for provisioning Eclipse-based applications. It replaces Update Manager
as a mechanism for managing your Eclipse install, searching for updates and installing new
Scott and Pascal will give a short introduction to ECF and p2 and explain what these projects
have contributed to the Galileo release.
<p>12:00 pm - 12:45 pm EST<br>
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<b>Runtime Showcase</b></a><br>
Tom Watson (Equinox) and Shaun Smith (EclipseLink)
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From a code point of view, Equinox is an implementation of the OSGi R4 core framework
specification, a set of bundles that implement various optional OSGi services and other
infrastructure for running OSGi-based systems. The goal of the Equinox project is to be a
first class OSGi community and foster the vision of Eclipse as a landscape of bundles. As part
of this, it is responsible for developing and delivering the OSGi framework implementation
used for all of Eclipse.
EclipseLink, or the Eclipse Persistence Services Project, delivers a comprehensive open-source
Java persistence solution. It has a set of persistence services enabling developers to
efficiently develop applications that access data in a variety of data sources and formats.
Join Tom and Shaun for a review of these runtime projects and the new features they bring
to Galileo.
<p>1:00 pm - 1:45 pm EST<br>
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<b>Tools Showcase</b></a><br>
Andreas Buchen (Memory Analyzer) and Roy Ganor (PHP Development Tools)
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The Eclipse Memory Analyzer is a fast and feature-rich Java heap analyzer that helps you find
memory leaks and reduce memory consumption. Developers use the Memory Analyzer to analyze
productive heap dumps with hundreds of millions of objects, quickly calculate the retained
sizes of objects, see who is preventing the Garbage Collector from collecting objects, and run
reports to automatically extract leak suspects.
The PHP Development Tools project provides a framework for the Eclipse platform. The project
encompasses all development components necessary to develop PHP and facilitate extensibility.
It leverages the existing Web Tools Platform (WTP) and Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK) i
in providing developers with PHP capabilities.
Andreas and Roy will talk about the new and noteworthy features their respective
projects will introduce in the Galileo release.
<p>2:00 pm - 2:45 pm EST<br>
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<b>Galileo In Action</b></a><br>
Jason Weathersby (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) and Mik Kersten (Mylyn)
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Jason and Mik will take a look at Galileo from the perspective of an Eclipse adopter. The
release is important to Eclipse developers, but there is also an impact to the end user of
commercial products based on Eclipse. Jason and Mik will discuss how Galileo affects their
product delivery and what value it brings to their end customers.
<p>To attend, register through <a href="" target="blank">
<p>For an entertaining video describing what the virtual conference is all about, see
<a href="" target="blank">Galileo In Action!</a> on<br><br>
<a href="" target="blank"><img src="images/WayneGalileo.png" width="200" height="151" alt="Galileo In Action!"></a>
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