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<p>GEF (MVC) is interactive model-view-controler framework, which fosters the implementation of SWT-based tree
and Draw2d-based graphical editors for the Eclipse Workbench UI.</p>
<img class="displayed" width="400" src="/gef/gef_mvc/images/Logic_Example.png" alt="GEF Snapshots" border="0"/>
The GEF (MVC) plug-in adds editing behavior on top of SWT (Tree, TreeItem) or Draw2d and allows to create rich tree-based and graphical
editors for the Eclipse Workbench UI. The purpose of this framework is to:
<li>Facilitate the display of any model graphically (using SWT Tree/TreeItem or Draw2d figures)</li>
<li>Handle all kind of interactions originating from mouse and keyboard events.</li>
<li>Provide a integration with the Eclipse Workbench UI (toolbar, outline, property view)</li>
GEF is completely application neutral and provides the groundwork to build almost any editor application, including but not limited to:
activity diagrams, GUI builders, class diagram editors, state machines, and even WYSIWYG text editors.
<li>Tools like Selection, Creation, Connection and Marquee tools&nbsp;</li>
<li>A Palette for displaying those tools&nbsp;</li>
<li>Handles for resizing objects and bending connections&nbsp;</li>
<li>Two types of GEF Viewers (Graphical and Tree)&nbsp;</li>
<li>A Controller framework for mapping the business Model to a View&nbsp;</li>
<li>Plug-in policies for mapping interactions with the view to changes in the
<li>Various implementations for showing feedback and adding selection handles&nbsp;</li>
<li>Various request types and tools or actions that send these requests to
the controllers&nbsp;</li>
<li>Undo/Redo support via Commands and a CommandStack</li>
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