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diff --git a/allfriends.php b/allfriends.php
index c4c6fdc..fb55599 100644
--- a/allfriends.php
+++ b/allfriends.php
@@ -23,7 +23,10 @@
 	<div id="fullcolumn"  class="clearfix">
 		<h1>Thank you Friends of Helios!</h1>
-		<p>A big Thank You to all <b>487</b> of our Friends of Helios.  .....</p>
+		<p>A big thank you to all <b>487</b> of our Friends of Helios. The funds raised will be used to
+		support the Eclipse community through services such as providing more bandwidth for users and
+		committers, sponsoring Eclipse events around the world and purchasing additional hardware
+		to host Eclipse projects. Your generousity is very much appreciated!</p>
 		<div class="monolith">
 			<?=sideDonorList(500, FALSE);?>