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<a href="">Eclipse 4.2</a> is now the default platform for the Eclipse community.
New <a href="">Koneki</a> project provides world-class Lua development tools for M2M application development.
<a href="">Equinox</a> provides the reference implementation for the new OSGi R5 specification.
<a href="">Eclipse Virgo 3.5</a> will deliver the new Virgo Nano which allows developers to deploy very small and fast OSGi-based applications.
<a href="">Xtend</a>, a new language for Java developers, will introduce support for debugging, improved IDE support and new language features, including properties, data classes and type inference for fields.
<a href="">Xtext 2.3</a> will now support integrated debugging of JVM-based DSLs created using Xtext and tighter integration with the Java Development Tools (JDT).
<a href="">Eclipse Code Recommenders</a> makes developers smarter about using APIs. Based on a knowledge-based and advanced analytics of existing API usage, Code Recommenders provides intelligent API recommendations to Eclipse developers building Java applications.