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<h1>Java Workflow Tooling (JWT)</h1>
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<h3>News archive</h3>
<li><strong>June, 24th 2009:</strong>
JWT 0.6 has been released. It is available in <a href="">Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo)</a>, the new yearly Eclipse distribution, out this very day. <a href="download.php">Download it now !</a>
<li><strong>April, 23rd 2009:</strong> JWT was presented at Eclipse Forum Europe 2009 in Mainz, Germany.
Please find the <a href="/jwt/press/efe09/ExecuteYourProcesses_EFE09_final.pdf">presentation</a> and the shown screencasts (
<a href="/jwt/press/efe09/01_FromBPMN2JWT.swf">1</a>,
<a href="/jwt/press/efe09/02_ViewsExport.swf">2</a>,
<a href="/jwt/press/efe09/03_Simulate.swf">3</a>,
<a href="/jwt/press/efe09/04_DeployExecute.swf">4</a>).
<li><strong>June, 2nd 2009:</strong> on June, the 24th, JWT will be available bundled in the yearly <a href="">Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo)</a> release.
<a href="">Try it now</a> ! ( <a href="">New features</a> )</a>
<li><strong>March, 10th 2009:</strong> We now switched to the new Nova design of Eclipse as discussed in the last project telco.
Such a telco happens every three weeks. If you are interested, have a look at our <a href="">Wiki</a>.</li>
<li><strong>January, 22nd 2009:</strong> JWT will be presented at <a href="">EclipseCon</a> as well as at <a href="">Eclipse Forum Europe</a>.
<li><strong>January, 21st 2009:</strong> JWT will be part of the upcoming Eclipse release Galileo. <a href="">Learn more</a> about Galileo.
<li><strong>November, 27th 2008:</strong> JWT welcomes it's new mentor John Graham. John agreed to assist us in the Eclipse process, automating building tasks, etc.
<li><strong>October, 29th 2008:</strong> JWT 0.5.0 has been released. It can be downloaded <a href="">here</a>.
<li><strong>October, 22th 2008:</strong> The release review for JWT 0.5.0 is scheduled for October, 29th.
<li><strong>September, 25th 2008:</strong> We are currently preparing the next release (0.5.0) which will include several improvements on the Workflow Editor as well as the first transformations.
Probably available in a few days.
<li><strong>March, 4th 2008:</strong> The first version (0.4.0) of the Workflow Editor is finally available as an Eclipse plugin.
Check it out at the <a href="components/we/index.php">Workflow Editor</a>-page.
<li>On <strong>October, 11th 2007</strong> one of the project leads held a presentation about the JWT project at the
Eclipse Summit Europe 2007. Find the presented slides <a href="/jwt/press/ese07/EclipseSummitEurope2007_JWT_presentation.ppt">here</a>.
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