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* Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Eclipse Foundation and others.
* All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
* are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
* which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
* Contributors: Christopher Guindon (Eclipse Foundation)
* Nathan Gervais (Eclipse Foundation)
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<li><a title="Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project website" href="">Eclipse Web Tools Project (WTP) 3.5</a> now supports the development of Java EE 7 applications.</li>
<li><a title="Stardust website" href="">Stardust 1.0</a> provides a complete Business Process Management (BPM) suite of tools and runtimes.</li>
<li><a title="Orion website" href="">Orion 3.0</a> includes significant usability features and easier deployment to Java applications servers.</li>
<li><a title="Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) website" href="">Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)</a> support for big data reporting now includes support for MongoDB and Cassandra.</li>
<!-- <li><a title="Hudson website" href="">Hudson 3.1</a> feature improvements focused on scalability for large deployments, including multi-tenancy for Hudson jobs.</li>-->
<li><a title="Mylyn website" href="">Mylyn</a> now includes better support for code reviews through a navigator view and integration with Gerrit.</li>
<li><a title="Maven Integration for Web Tools Platform website" href="">Maven Integration for WTP</a> now makes it easier to use Maven for Java EE projects in Eclipse.</li>
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